All that you wanted to know about curtain installation in Sydney

If you are renovating your home you may have already bought new curtains. Adding curtains to your home can have a major impact on its aesthetic appeal. The right kind of drapery can make any dull or drab looking room look beautiful. However it is essential that the curtains are installed the right way. The following are some of the tips for curtain installation.

Before you begin the curtain installation process it is important that you have the necessary tools. You would need a drill, a tape measure, a pencil and a step ladder.

Once you have all the tools at hands, you need to determine the height at which you want the curtains to be placed. It is important that you take the correct measurements and decide where you want the curtains to hang. This would also depend upon how high the windows are and how you want a curtains to be placed above the window. Whether you are going for short curtains or long curtains which would reach the floor.

The next step would be to install the drapery rod. For this you would need the tape measure to size up the space and mark the location of the brackets on the wall. You need to make sure that the markings are even on both sides. With the correct spots in place you would need the help of a drill to install the brackets then place the rod on to the brackets.

When the rods have been installed in place you would need to hang the drapery. It should be kept in mind the drapery can be hung directly onto the road however there are different kinds of curtains which are available in the market and you may need to read the instructions before you install them.

Example if you are going for a pleated strips, it is usually hung with the help of pins. You may need to insert the drapery pin through the eyelets of the curtain and into the rings as well. When the rings and pins are in place you can hang the drapery from the rod.

Another kind of curtains are the ones with rod pocket trip free you may need to insert the rod through the hole in the panel before you place the rod onto the bracket.

Once you have hung the curtains they might appear to be a little wrinkled. This is quite normal and the wrinkles would even out once the curtains have been hanging for a while. However if you really want to get rid of the wrinkles you can use a garment steamer after you have installed the curtains. However you need to be careful about the heat settings and make sure that you do not burn the fabric or the material of the curtain.

It is better to trust and expert to do the job right when it comes to designer curtain installations in Sydney.


Benefits Of Hiring Home Builders In Brisbane

Homebuilders are professionals who specialise in designing, building, and constructing homes for people. Australia, being a country that has invested a lot of energy in technological advancements, has many highly skilled home builders that use modern techniques of building homes. Homebuilders form a pivotal role in developing the nation by ensuring that they build outstanding structures that can attract people from all parts of the world.

For instance, you will find many hotels and restaurants with pleasing designs with additional amenities to help attract visitors both from within and outside of Australia. The government has also ensured that there is highly skilled labour in the country by ensuring that builders undergo thorough training and then are licensed afterwards when they are proved fit to start offering their services to the public.

Five benefits of home builders in Brisbane

The following are some of the merits that one gets when they hire professional home builders to work for them:

  • Saves money

Hiring professional home designers to build your home can help to save money in a number of ways: you only get to deal with one party; hence you only plan for one budget and let them do the rest. Secondly, the house built by a professional architect can stay firm for many decades, and you will incur minimal maintenance costs. Lastly, the company might be willing to sell their materials at discounted prices to their loyal clients; hence you will pay less for the materials.

  • Little maintenance costs

As mentioned earlier, the architect can help a client to select the best materials which will be used to build a robust home that will serve many generations to come. Such houses can withstand even the deadliest hurricanes, earthquakes, and tornados. This makes it sensible to look for a professional home designer.

  • Flexible

When dealing with a professional home builder, you have a chance to take part in making crucial decisions at every stage of the process. For instance, you will be involved in designing the home and include all your requirements as you please. Another thing is that you can decide on the materials and other important things like colour.

  • Seamless design process

Nowadays, many professional home building firms have brought together all the elements required to build a home. Therefore, you will only be dealing with one party and leave the rest to their team to design who is responsible for what task.

  • You take part in every step

The most important thing about hiring a professional home builder is that you will be involved in every important matter that needs your approval. Thus, they will design a home following your requirements and advise you in case there is a better way of doing a particular thing.

How much does a professional house builder cost?

A professional house builder can be a bit expensive depending on the technology and resources they have at their disposal. When it comes to building homes, it is better to spend a lot of money on an architect who you are sure will give you the best outcome. Some will be very cheap to hire but will not design the home to your expectations or even design a home that will wear off in a matter of a few years.

Know that home building is a labour of love. Therefore, you need to have proper planning of home building and ensure you have enough money to build your dream home.

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How To Save Yourself From Utility Scams

The days are getting shorter and nights are getting colder and longer, at last Winters are finally here. As you enter winter, you start wondering about when you will receive a phone call regarding the cutting off of your electric and gas connections owing to unpaid dues. You cannot ignore the call, as you can’t afford a cold sleepless night with your family. Therefore, you will quickly answer all the callers questions and pay him immediately. Such are utility scams. Many complaints have been filed against utility scammers each year, in which people have lost considerable amounts of money. Here are few points to follow to avoid utility scams.

Blind Trust

Never trust your contractor or service provider blindly as they will not let go of any chance of fraud. For example, you have a maintenance contract with electrician north brisbane, for which you have already paid an advance amount, but they don’t visit for maintenance and overcharge you and when you come to find out and challenge them they show you your signed contract with their terms on it. Imagine the trouble that such a scenario will put you through. Therefore, do not blindly trust any utility provider. Before opting for service, you should have everything agreed upon and stated on the contract. 

Threaten to Disconnect 

Most of the utility scammers use calling at odd timings as a strategy to get through with the scam. They will tell you that your dues are unpaid, and unless they are immediately paid for the connection will be cut. They refuse to take any responsibility of the misunderstanding, if you insist that it is one. They put so much pressure that it finally breaks the target. If you are sure that you have paid your bills never listen to their fake calls even if they insist that no bill is paid. Don’t fall for the threats. 

Never Share Personal Information

Most of the cases scams are carried out on the internet using your legal information. The scammers find out general information about you that is already available on the internet and share that with you to gain your confidence. The caller will ask you then to confirm your pin or to answer your secret questions etc. Never share your password or any kind of pins with an unknown caller as it will become a scary nightmare for you. 

Unusual Payment Methods 

To avoid being scammed it is important to know about different tricks scammers use. Did the caller ask you to pay by any unusual methods for example crypto currency and gift cards etc? If you get such a request via call try contacting your contractor on their official helpline or email, usually stated on the bill. Report to the concerned authorities about such kinds of calls so that the occurrence of such scams can be reduced. 

Fake Utility Worker

Scammers will often act like utility workers and directly come to your house for routine inspection and maintenance. Here is where they will find a fault in your system which according to them must be rectified immediately. They scare you by telling you that you will suffer more in terms of loss of equipment and money. They will just charge you for a fake service or by selling you things you don’t need. Therefore always reconfirm such kinds of visits from your utility service provider before allowing the representatives in. 

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The New Antique Hydrangeas Have Arrived!

It’s a matter of moments, it will be love at first sight. Are you ready to check out the new beauties as soon as you land on Colvin’s web? They are here and will only stay a couple of months until their season is over. The colors and textures of antique hydrangeas always leave us speechless: too special!

As you know, we love to choose seasonal flowers and make the most of them in unique flower arrangements. The hydrangeas will only stay with us until November: once the month arrives, their official season will end. If you want to fill the house with gradient colors and unique designs, it’s time to choose a new bouquet.

Hydrangeas are among the favorite flowers of Italians along with peonies and sunflowers. No wonder, given their beauty! The variety we have chosen for the new bouquets is called antique, a vintage version of the classic bush hydrangea. Why is it so special? Over time it changes color and shows incredible shades. Ready?

Pumpkin pie
This composition is inspired by the typical shades of the Baroque, with burgundy tones. Hydrangeas contrast with the soft texture of jopitos and peach roses. Ideal for those who love warm colors, Pumpkin Pie is truly perfect.

Pink Pop
A bouquet of hydrangeas with a… lively character! The burgundy tones strike and are softened by pink ones, making the composition unique. Pink Pop represents 100% the pure essence of the Baroque. Textures and shapes mix together with hydrangeas, pink roses, astilbe, limonium and mastic. You like it?

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Advice on How to Dry the Flowers

Today we dedicate the post on our blog to share some tips on how to dry flowers , as in recent weeks you have asked us how to do it repeatedly on our social networks.

We understand that fresh bouquets are very, very beautiful and that’s why we want to learn how to dry them, to somehow keep them a little more time with us.

Most flowers can dry without problems but there are some flowers such as hydrangea or bouquets of roses, which dry better than others: there are some tips that can help us to dry our bouquet in the best possible way.

To share these tips, we asked our florist Pep for help, who is in charge of the Colvin bouquets that are so beautiful, special and that reach every point of the peninsula every day, with the greatest freshness and affection possible.

Some followers ask us when it is best to start the drying process, if as soon as they receive the bouquet or if they can enjoy it for a couple of days. The reality is that you can enjoy the bouquet for a couple of days, following all the instructions.

Place with little light
The first tip is to put the bouquet in a dark room , where no sunlight penetrates. In this way we will dry the flowers in their best state, consuming the energy they have at this moment.

Upside down
The image is a bit picturesque, but it is strictly necessary to flip the bouquet to make the drying process as perfect as possible. In this way, we will slide the nutrients up to the petals. Green, olive, eucalyptus and others are easier to dry , as they have less water.