Optimum Benefits of Custom-made Curtains

installed on the windows of a home not only provide privacy, aesthetic appeal and added value are easily achieved. When it comes to function and style, however, custom-made curtains top it all.

Suitability to all types of home interiors and designs is the flexibility provided by custom-made curtains. A home’s interior can quickly and easily transform its look with the use of customised curtains.

Since curtains can be washed, it is an environmentally-friendly option to have in the home. The zero-carbon imprints of curtains make them the perfect solution for homes that want to create a friendlier environment for all.

A home can look opulent or cosy, depending on the curtains used in dressing windows and doors. Opting for customised curtains is the best interior design idea to achieve the look you’ve always wanted for your indoor spaces.

A great variety of design options

The wide range of materials, colours, patterns, and styles available with customised curtains ensure window dressings that become focal points of any room in the home. The home becomes fashionable and stylish with the help of customised curtains that either match or contrasts with the decor.

Using different curtain colours in the various rooms of the home creates a separate ambience for each. Matching the curtains to the bedcovers or rugs in bedrooms easily creates a comforting and cosy space.

Great insulators

Draughts during the cold season can lose as much as 50% heat. Windows are the usual culprits for draughts and using insulators offer the perfect solution. A pair of extra-thick curtains installed over the windows not only provides a design edge; it ensures optimum coverage from draughts. A quiet environment is also achieved with the noise protection provided by the extra thick curtains.

Ensure the best security and privacy

Creating opaque protection from the outside world is achieved by using the right customised curtain fabrics. Opting for customised curtains enables you to find a luxurious, but functional curtain that ensures the best security and privacy of your home. Good design does not have to be sacrificed for your home to remain private and secure. The wide range of stunning designs available with customised curtains ensures that your interior scheme is met and your privacy protected at all times.

An option of creating a cooler and airy atmosphere

A fresh breeze wafting inside the home during the hot season is always welcomed. During the summer, curtains can help to make the rooms of the home airy and cooler. Customised linen curtains will provide the necessary privacy but will not block the air that can cool the interior of the home. Lightweight custom-made curtains offer the best remedies during hot weather without sacrificing the aesthetics.


Custom-made curtains may cost a bit more than store-bought ones. However, the durable material makes them a smarter investment than the cheaper kind of curtains. With regular care, custom-made curtains last longer, making them more cost-effective in the long run.

When it comes to window dressings and coverage, curtains top the list. The wide variety of patterns, textures, designs, and fabrics to meet all types of aesthetic demand makes them highly popular in years past until today. Curtains have become integral parts of every home that needs window coverings or dressings. Order custom made curtains from Globe Interiors and explore their many design options.



Why install outdoor blinds on the Gold Coast

You may never have given it any thought, but you have probably seen homes where outdoor blinds have been installed. When you visit most homes on the Gold Coast, you will come to understand that outdoor blinds are termed as a staple piece. However, there are still people who have not installed these blinds in their homes. You may be among them. This is the right time for you to find out whether it is a good idea or not. However, a high possibility is that you will come to your senses and get the best outdoor blinds for your home immediately.

Why should you install outdoor blinds?

There are many reasons why you should install outdoor blinds since they serve many different purposes. The first reason you need to install these outdoor blinds in your home is to increase your privacy levels. With outdoor blinds, you no longer have to worry about nosy neighbours poking their noses into your business. Having nosy neighbours can make your home less comfortable, yet you should be able to do what you want in your home. Outdoor blinds on the Gold Coast are among the things that can help you deal with these nosy neighbours for good. This is because they come in different materials to help you attain the level of privacy you need.

Secondly, if you are looking for something that will prevent you from harsh weather and elements like the sun’s rays, they are the best to install. These blinds will provide you with an added protective layer protecting you from the harsh elements and harsh weather. This provides you with all the comfort you need when you are in your outdoor spaces.

When it comes to adding more spaces to your home, there are many things that you can do. However, you are always limited by certain factors. When you have the outdoor blinds installed in your home, you will not only protect yourself from harsh weather and elements, but you will also be providing space for your property. This is because the blinds ensure that you maximise your space making your outdoor spaces more usable.

Having outdoor blinds in your home also has an added advantage since it makes your home look attractive. This is because the blinds are so beautiful, and they enhance the aesthetics of your compound. They come in different styles to ensure that they meet the aesthetic levels of different people.

What type of outdoor blinds should one buy?

If you have decided that it is time for you to buy outdoor blinds on the Gold Coast, there are so many places where you can get the blinds. However, you have to be very specific about the shop where you will be buying your blinds. You have to know that many people deal with these blinds, and most of them do not engage in honest business. For this reason, they sell outdoor blinds that are of low quality so that they can make more money from their sales. You have to avoid this, and instead, you should ensure that you look for the stores that sell high-quality outdoor blinds. This ensures that you do not buy blinds that will not last like you would like them to.

Check out Dolomite Awnings for their selection of outdoor blinds that will match any aesthetic and budget.

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How To Save Yourself From Utility Scams

The days are getting shorter and nights are getting colder and longer, at last Winters are finally here. As you enter winter, you start wondering about when you will receive a phone call regarding the cutting off of your electric and gas connections owing to unpaid dues. You cannot ignore the call, as you can’t afford a cold sleepless night with your family. Therefore, you will quickly answer all the callers questions and pay him immediately. Such are utility scams. Many complaints have been filed against utility scammers each year, in which people have lost considerable amounts of money. Here are few points to follow to avoid utility scams.

Blind Trust

Never trust your contractor or service provider blindly as they will not let go of any chance of fraud. For example, you have a maintenance contract with electrician north brisbane, for which you have already paid an advance amount, but they don’t visit for maintenance and overcharge you and when you come to find out and challenge them they show you your signed contract with their terms on it. Imagine the trouble that such a scenario will put you through. Therefore, do not blindly trust any utility provider. Before opting for service, you should have everything agreed upon and stated on the contract. 

Threaten to Disconnect 

Most of the utility scammers use calling at odd timings as a strategy to get through with the scam. They will tell you that your dues are unpaid, and unless they are immediately paid for the connection will be cut. They refuse to take any responsibility of the misunderstanding, if you insist that it is one. They put so much pressure that it finally breaks the target. If you are sure that you have paid your bills never listen to their fake calls even if they insist that no bill is paid. Don’t fall for the threats. 

Never Share Personal Information

Most of the cases scams are carried out on the internet using your legal information. The scammers find out general information about you that is already available on the internet and share that with you to gain your confidence. The caller will ask you then to confirm your pin or to answer your secret questions etc. Never share your password or any kind of pins with an unknown caller as it will become a scary nightmare for you. 

Unusual Payment Methods 

To avoid being scammed it is important to know about different tricks scammers use. Did the caller ask you to pay by any unusual methods for example crypto currency and gift cards etc? If you get such a request via call try contacting your contractor on their official helpline or email, usually stated on the bill. Report to the concerned authorities about such kinds of calls so that the occurrence of such scams can be reduced. 

Fake Utility Worker

Scammers will often act like utility workers and directly come to your house for routine inspection and maintenance. Here is where they will find a fault in your system which according to them must be rectified immediately. They scare you by telling you that you will suffer more in terms of loss of equipment and money. They will just charge you for a fake service or by selling you things you don’t need. Therefore always reconfirm such kinds of visits from your utility service provider before allowing the representatives in. 

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The New Antique Hydrangeas Have Arrived!

It’s a matter of moments, it will be love at first sight. Are you ready to check out the new beauties as soon as you land on Colvin’s web? They are here and will only stay a couple of months until their season is over. The colors and textures of antique hydrangeas always leave us speechless: too special!

As you know, we love to choose seasonal flowers and make the most of them in unique flower arrangements. The hydrangeas will only stay with us until November: once the month arrives, their official season will end. If you want to fill the house with gradient colors and unique designs, it’s time to choose a new bouquet.

Hydrangeas are among the favorite flowers of Italians along with peonies and sunflowers. No wonder, given their beauty! The variety we have chosen for the new bouquets is called antique, a vintage version of the classic bush hydrangea. Why is it so special? Over time it changes color and shows incredible shades. Ready?

Pumpkin pie
This composition is inspired by the typical shades of the Baroque, with burgundy tones. Hydrangeas contrast with the soft texture of jopitos and peach roses. Ideal for those who love warm colors, Pumpkin Pie is truly perfect.

Pink Pop
A bouquet of hydrangeas with a… lively character! The burgundy tones strike and are softened by pink ones, making the composition unique. Pink Pop represents 100% the pure essence of the Baroque. Textures and shapes mix together with hydrangeas, pink roses, astilbe, limonium and mastic. You like it?

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Advice on How to Dry the Flowers

Today we dedicate the post on our blog to share some tips on how to dry flowers , as in recent weeks you have asked us how to do it repeatedly on our social networks.

We understand that fresh bouquets are very, very beautiful and that’s why we want to learn how to dry them, to somehow keep them a little more time with us.

Most flowers can dry without problems but there are some flowers such as hydrangea or bouquets of roses, which dry better than others: there are some tips that can help us to dry our bouquet in the best possible way.

To share these tips, we asked our florist Pep for help, who is in charge of the Colvin bouquets that are so beautiful, special and that reach every point of the peninsula every day, with the greatest freshness and affection possible.

Some followers ask us when it is best to start the drying process, if as soon as they receive the bouquet or if they can enjoy it for a couple of days. The reality is that you can enjoy the bouquet for a couple of days, following all the instructions.

Place with little light
The first tip is to put the bouquet in a dark room , where no sunlight penetrates. In this way we will dry the flowers in their best state, consuming the energy they have at this moment.

Upside down
The image is a bit picturesque, but it is strictly necessary to flip the bouquet to make the drying process as perfect as possible. In this way, we will slide the nutrients up to the petals. Green, olive, eucalyptus and others are easier to dry , as they have less water.